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Kavim Serbia Kavim Serbia Kavim Serbia

Members of KAVIM Serbia Group

Ever since "Kavim group" has entered the Serbian transportation market it has been constantly competing for its place on the Serbian auto map, transporting passangers from all over the country. Also, since the companies mentioned above have become the part of the "Kavim group", the management is trying to provide high-quality and safe transportation for all passangers to their desired destinations with maximum comfort. In order to achieve these goals "Kavim group" is constantly working on modernization of its bus fleet, introducing new city and intercity lines and is following modern trends in public transportation so that all clients would be satisfied with services offered by Kavim.

Kavim Serbia

Kavim Serbia is a part of Kavim Public Transportation International (2002) ltd, and its main activity is managing companies part of Kavim group in Serbia. The group is focused on providing services of public transportation. The group operates in Israel and Eastern Europe and is consistently striving to expand its business in Israel and Eastern Europe, in countries such as Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Poland and Ukraine.

Autoprevoz Čačak

Like many companies in Serbia, „Autoprevoz“ a.d. Čačak has passed through many transformations as a public company with social capital. During privatization process that ended on 26th April 2007 „Autoprevoz“ a.d. Čačak became a joint stock company whose majority owner is KAVIM PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION INTERNATIONAL (2002) Ltd from Israel. Activities of Autoprevoz a.d. Čačak are divided into: transportation, tourism and services.

Kavim Vranje

Since the beginning of 2008. company "KAVIM PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION INTERNATIONAL (2002) LTD" from Israel has become the owner of "Jedinstvo-Vranje". "Kavim-Jedinstvo" DOO Vranje, with its famous quality of bus services became one of the leaders in the field of bus transportation in the Serbian market with app. 330 employees and 130 buses performing 650 departures daily in a suburban, intercity and international traffic. "Kavim-Jedinstvo" has local offices in Bujanovac, Presševo, Vladičin Han and Surdulica.

Kavim Raška

Open joint stock company "KAVIM RAŠKA" a.d. RAŠKA is transformed from social transport enterprise "Jugoprevoz Raška" in the privatization process, so that 70% of social capital was sold on 06.03.2009. to its present majority owner, the D.O.O. "KAVIM JEDINSTVO" from Vranje, which is ultimately 100% owned by "KAVIM PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION INTERNATIONAL (2002) LTD" from Israel.

Sandžaktrans Novi Pazar

Activities of "Sandžaktrans" are divided into transport, tourism, restoraunt business and services. Transport company "HK Sandžaktrans" AD Novi Pazar performs contracted transport of third party company employees as well as primary and secondary school children, medical staff etc. It also carries out custom line transportation in the country and abroad for their own tourist agency and also rents buses to other companies on demand.