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Published 12.5.2014.

We accomodated two new Volkswagen buses.

Published 8.4.2014.

New vehicles bought: six Mercedes Conecto-s and two Volkswagen Crafter-s

„Kavim Serbia“ is a part of Kavim Public Transportation International ltd group. The group is focused on providing services of public transportation. The group operates in Israel and Eastern Europe and is consistently striving to expand its business in Israel and Eastern Europe, in countries such as Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Poland and Ukraine. As a country in transition, Serbia went through the privatization process of national owned companies, and in the same way Kavim has entered the Serbian market by obtaining several several public transport companies.

For all information regarding our bus schedule and timetables please call us on tel: 381 17 7421 201 . Thank You.

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"Kavim-Jedinstvo" Vranje is one of the leaders in the field of bus transportation in Serbian market with 292 employees and a fleet of 98 buses and...



The development of road transport in Vranje started after the 2nd World War, when the special department of Belgrade transportation company "Lasta...


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