About us

Kavim-Jedinstvo" Vranje is one of the leaders in the field of bus transportation in Serbian market with 292 employees and a fleet of 98 buses and performing 650 departures daily in local, intercity and international transport.It also has offices in Bujanovac, Preševo, Vladičin Han and Surdulica.

Network of bus stations exist in all places where offices of Kavim Jedinstvo are located. Technical maintenance of vehicles is done in our own garages which also  provide services for other companies and individuals. Beside the transportation of passengers "Kavim-Jedinstvo" Vranje is engaged in tourism and printing services. There are agencies in Belgrade, Pozarevac and Vranje which are part of "Kavim Jedinstvo" travel agency network.

Since early 2008 the company "KAVIM PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION INTERNATIONAL (2002) Ltd" is the owner of the company „Jedinstvo“ Vranje.

Supervising board:

President - Zeev Horen (CEO Kavim International 2002 LTD)

Member - Tomer Cohen (CEO Mayer Cars and Trucks LTD)


Internal control

Saša Stevanović - Internal control and security manager, PhD in the field of Defense and Security, Colonel (Ret)


Auditing company:

Baker Tilly Western Balkan



Goran Stojanović- CEO

Tanja Ilić - CFO

Saša Tomić - Maintenance manager

Miodrag Milošević - Lawyer



Draft Plan of Companys Separation.pdf | pdf 1.1mb